At Sash Salon, ​we believe in educating our clients on products that are not only great for their hair, but great for the environment.  We are committed to sustaining a cruelty-free environment by carrying salon-exclusive, cruelty-free products. 



In 1983, Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria purchased land in Hawaii that would become the sustainable, solar-powered Awapuhi Farm. The two friends and business partners wanted to pursue a lifestyle that was connected to nature and in tune with their beliefs.  Considered the "spine" of the hair shaft, keratin protein is a vital element in strong, healthy hair.  KeraTriplex™ is an exclusive blend of isolated keratin proteins specially designed to repair and seal damaged hair. It's the most effective keratin protein available in hair care today.  Sulfate free and cruelty free.

Woody's Grooming for Men


Woody’s focuses on using natural ingredients, sea based organics and essential oils to nourish and protect hair and scalp.  Woody’s is directed at the man who is looking for a simple, comfortable daily regimen that offers basic, no-frill products that smell good and get the job done.  Cruelty free, Woody’s tests its full range in the shop only on actors, athletes and politicians.



Aquage hair products are formulated with algaeplex sea botanicals. The Algaeplex sea botanicals in the Aquage collection are a carefully selected blend of algae, seaweed and kelp, to nourish, hydrate, strengthen and protect hair. Aquage products helps beautify your hair by containing the best possible ingredients.  Sulfate free​ and cruelty free.



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